Who Is
Happy Jack?

"Happy Jack" is Jack Nathan. HappyJacksWorld is you. Jack created this community, and the products within its pages, as a safe haven for kids who struggle with mental illness. In turn, he helped himself. He eased his anxiety via painting and design and by loving and helping others. Jack left us suddenly and accidentally on July 3, 2020 at the age of 19. His passing was unrelated to mental illness.

Jack was a survivor. Not a victim. He struggled yes, but he persevered. So that’s what we ask of you. Persevere. For Jack, for us, and for the millions who wrestle with mental illness. Please help to keep Jack’s legacy alive. He was just getting started. Please enter your email below for updates on Happy Jack moving forward.

Bradi Harrison & David Nathan: Happy Jack Mom & Dad
Drew Nathan: Happy Sister

Happy Jack Donations have been made to the following Foundations in Jack's memory and in our commitment to help all:

Active Minds, Child Mind Institute, Born this Way Foundation, Runway of Dreams, Riley's Dance, JaneStrong, Lean on Me, Denver University, American Cancer Society and Release Recovery Foundation.


Jack told me that he used to care what people thought of him, but he realized that it took too much energy and he'd much rather do what made him happy. -Hannah

Jack's world was one with no judgement, unending love.. he showed many that it's okay not to be perfect, not to always be happy, to not take life too seriously and to be completely immersed in the present moment. -Adam

Jack defied social norms and created a world for himself where he could do whta he loved and be successful that is something most people don't ever realize is possible. -Lawrence

Jack made me feel like I was the most extraordinary kid in the world. - Eli

We had plans for changing the world for kids like us. Jack was absolutely one in a million and I have never met anyone like him. -Matthew

Jack repeated, "If you are bored, that is your own problem." That has helped me get out of the house. -Ethan

Jack focused all his love and energy on the people that truly mattered to him and on what made him happy... the important things in life. -Colby

Jack is a soul that will live on forever. He changed my life and inspired me to live life to the fullest and never care what other people thought. -Aris

Jact was remarkable, incredible, compassionate, loving and real. He reminded everyone to just be happy and to embrace who you are unapologetically. -Phoebe

The legacy that Jack created will live on. - Evan

I've never seen someone so passionate or motivated to change the world while making their own brand and doing what they love. -Marc

Jack lives on through the brand he made for everyone who struggled like he did. He was selfless, goofy and real. - Jenni