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Cloudy Mid-length Shorts

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Made in the USA


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Health Awareness

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Cloudy mid-length Short

White heavy fleece mid-length short. Elastic waistband and single back pocket. Pair with our soothing blue Tee or your favorite HJ hoodie.

It has been said that thoughts are like clouds, floating in and out of our minds. Although, some thoughts lay stagnant and lead to overthinking. Stop overthinking and talk about your thoughts with someone who will listen in a non-judgmental way. Mental health resources found under the resource tab.

Fabric content: 100% Cotton 

Made in the USA



Runs true to size.
Size up for looser fit.


Pre-washed and shrink free.
Wash with like colors, tumble dry.

The Cloud Collection

Welcome to the Cloud Collection- a collection centered around the anxiety inducing concept of overthinking. Jack described overthinking as being stuck in his head. It was evident that overthinking clouded his well-being. In order to stop overthinking he would get lost in painting and design. It was his very passion that offered solace and allowed him the opportunity to help others. He wanted you to know that you are not alone when it comes to overthinking or any other anxiety producing thought.  Your purchases from this drop will enable us to help other kids struggling, as we donate a portion of our profits to mental health foundations. We are grateful you are here and we thank you immensely for your support. (Cloud image originally created by Jack Nathan)